7 Characteristics Of The Little Dog: A Symbolic Bird

7 Characteristics of the Little Shepherd: A Symbolic Bird

With a very particular appearance and impossible to confuse, this robust bird with three subspecies around the world lives in areas close to the sea and nests among the rocks. In the following article, we will talk about some characteristics of the little fradinho (or puffin), an inhabitant of the Atlantic.

Remarkable characteristics of the friar

The scientific name of this bird is  Fratercula , but it is popularly known as fradinho. 

There are currently three species:  hornedtufted  and North Atlantic (common). The latter is the most widespread and known.

Some of the characteristics of the fradinho that deserve to be highlighted are:

  1. It inhabits the northern hemisphere

The range of distribution of this bird, and all its species, includes: Japan, Russia, United States,  Alaska, Siberia, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Greenland and the British Isles.

  1. Your body is tricolor

The fradinho’s plumage is white on the belly and face, and black on the back and wings. 

The legs, the edge of the beak and the underside of the eyes stand out in orange. Both males and females have the same colors.

They differ in size: males are a little longer. Young specimens are dark gray rather than black, and as they grow, the feathers become darker.

With a peculiar face and beak, this seabird is capable of hunting fish measuring 20 centimeters.

  1. Migrate according to the time of year

Another characteristic of the fradinho is that he is a migratory bird that, each season, flies hundreds of kilometers.

They spend autumn and winter in the cold northern seas and, in spring, return to warmer areas.

  1. nest among rocks

Although the fradinho is a sea bird, the fact is that it forms large colonies on rocky islands and on top of cliffs. This prevents contact with sea predators and terrestrial species.

fradinho, or puffin

Every year, the female digs a burrow and lays a single egg. Both parents are responsible for hatching it and, when the baby is born, it is fed a whole fish. He only spends six weeks at his “parents’ house”.

  1. he is considered a clown

The fradinho has very striking colors and is therefore known as the ‘clown of the sea’ in some northern regions. In addition, it  was declared the official bird of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

  1. its beak is unique

In addition to the coloration, the beak is one of the most striking features of the fradinho. This is due to its triangular shape, wide at the sides but narrow at the top.

At the base, it has a fleshy yellowish band. As it grows, it gets more hooked.

Also, it is worth noting that,  in spring, its colors become more striking. This allows him to attract the female.

During the winter, the tones “fade out” so they go unnoticed among the snow or on the frozen surface.

fradinho bird, or puffin

  1. they are alone at sea

The year of the little brother is divided into two stages: one of nesting and colonization and another of solitude and self-sufficiency.

When he is at sea, he flies with the wind, even when he sleeps or rests.

The plumage is thermal and, thanks to a special “oil” produced by a gland (similar to that of penguins), it does not get wet.

Furthermore, as it has a white belly, it can mimic ice and avoid being devoured by marine predators such as whales.

  1. Feeds on marine species

Another characteristic of the black-tailed fish is related to its diet, which is almost entirely based on fish. Sometimes it can consume shellfish, shrimp and other  crustaceans.

It can catch fish that are almost 20 centimeters long and submerge for a few minutes by swimming fast to catch the prey.

Its beak is very strong and its two articulated jaws prevent the fish from escaping.

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