6 Tips To Earn Your Dog’s Trust

6 tips to gain your dog's trust

The process of gaining your dog’s trust is very revealing. At first, it is necessary that the owner and the dog are committed and learn to have more confidence in themselves. All this to achieve the desired results.

imitations and stimuli

Mimicry between pets and their owners is not a popular myth. Dogs and cats, especially in their first weeks of life, absorb the stimuli around them to establish their notions of coexistence. That’s why a mistreated animal is scared or aggressive; is afraid or tends to run away; it’s your self-defense mechanism.

These facts confirm that the human being must reinforce self-confidence in order to transmit this behavior to a dog. Changes in mood or behavior are easily perceived by the animals’ heightened senses. Whether by the tone of voice or the body expression of their owners.

Before following the 6 tips to gain your dog’s trust, it is essential to pay attention to your own way of being and facing life. Balancing the routine and feeling better is a matter of investing in healthier habits.

dog scared of people

How to take action to gain your dog’s trust?

Gaining your dog’s trust is not something that happens spontaneously, overnight. It’s true that there are more sociable races, which tend to trust faster. But, the general rule for establishing a relationship based on trust is based on work and dedication.

Experts usually divide the most insecure dogs into 2 groups. The first encompasses shy or fearful dogs, while the second concerns the so-called “omega dogs”. The difference is basically the cause of the loss of confidence in yourself and others.

Shy or fearful dogs are very frightened when exposed to social interaction. This happens for 3 reasons:

  • If you have suffered physical, verbal or emotional abuse in the past.
  • It may be that they have not been socialized correctly.
  • It could also be that they are not used to living with other animals and people or do not change their environment.

It is very easy to recognize the signs of this behavior. Shy dogs have an arched body in the shape of a C. That is, the ears close to the head, the suspicious look and the tail between the paws when they meet other animals.

Omega dogs are those that show a more submissive behavior. Among other reasons, for having already occupied this role of less authority in their band or group of initial coexistence. In this case, the animal is more easily domesticated and builds self-confidence from the proper leadership of the human alpha.

6 tips to gain your dog’s trust

  1. Early and proper socialization

Socialization teaches an animal to peacefully relate to humans and other animals. This considerably reduces the likelihood of aggressive behavior and improves your confidence.

Ideally, start socializing between 4 to 20 weeks of age. At this point, the animal creates its first coexistence skills. However, adult dogs can also be socialized with greater caution.

Social stimuli must be proposed gradually. In the beginning, the puppy should be introduced to a single dog, in a friendly environment. Afterwards, you can incorporate other factors in the coexistence and start walking in the street.

  1. Periodic visits to the veterinarian

Dogs can react aggressively or feel vulnerable when they are affected by some illnesses. Therefore, it is important to visit the veterinarian periodically and carry out the appropriate exams to prevent any undesirable conditions for your dog’s health. Only a healthy dog ​​is able to feel secure.

  1. balanced diet

In addition to visits to the veterinarian, an adequate and balanced diet is essential to strengthen the dog’s body. This will make you feel more confident about your own abilities. The diet must respect the needs of each animal, whether by age, size, daily habits or specific health conditions.

  1. Physical exercise and regular walks

Physical activities are the ideal complement to a balanced diet in all species. Many animals are depressed when subjected to sedentary lifestyle. Others are unable to develop their ability to live together because they never walk around and get to know other environments.

  1. play

Play is an excellent way to encourage a dog’s ability to integrate and mentally exercise him. In addition, it is an opportunity to improve the relationship between owner and pet, sharing moments of fun and recreation.

dog playing with frisbee

  1. treat well and give love

Every living being needs to be treated well to create good self-esteem. A dog needs to feel loved to promote self-assurance.

Animals have their own learning time. Using positive reinforcement to reward appropriate behavior is the best method.

Therefore, to gain your dog’s trust, it is essential to give love and be patient when teaching.

Main image source: Segundo Sánchez

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