5 Most Frequent Mistakes When Caring For A Guinea Pig

Varieties of domestic animals have expanded over time, and the guinea pig is, so to speak, a kind of exotic pet. How should we take care of it?
5 most frequent mistakes when caring for a guinea pig

These funny looking rodents can be ideal pets for children under 10 years old. Fortunately, caring for a guinea pig is relatively easy.

However, being easy doesn’t mean these little pets don’t need dedication. In fact, there are specific aspects that require care. Avoiding certain mistakes can prolong the life of our guinea pigs.

Feed them only kibble

Many people believe that the guinea pig is one of those animals that can be fed exclusively on chow. Although they like this food, it should only constitute a small percentage of their diet. In fact, these rodents are herbivores.

For all these reasons,  hay should be the mainstay of your diet. The intake of this natural product must represent 75% of the animal’s diet. Another important food is fresh leaves. Pieces of vegetables and fruits will complement your pet’s diet.

Guinea Pig Feeding

In addition to these foods, the ration must constitute between 5 and 10% of the rodent’s diet. Taking care of portions and avoiding obesity is an important issue for the survival of these animals.

How to care for a guinea pig: fruit with lots of sugar

You need to know that giving your guinea pigs occasional fruit is a positive addition to their diet. However, we must be careful when choosing them. Fruits that are high in fructose should be completely discarded.

It is best to opt for low-calorie fruits. Among the most recommended are: pineapple, apple, kiwi, pear and watermelon. These should be administered in small pieces throughout the week.

We must remember that the most important thing is to prevent the guinea pig from becoming obese. Fruits rich in fiber and fatty acids are also not recommended. Food prudence will prolong our little friend’s life.

Mistakes in caring for a guinea pig: having only one

This is one of the most frequent mistakes when it comes to having a guinea pig at home. Many people believe that these animals can live alone. However, the truth is that guinea pigs are very social animals.

Mistakes in caring for a guinea pig

Due to the social aspect, the most likely thing would be to have at least two, so that they interact and not feel alone. The idea is not just to have them, but to put them to interact within the same habitat.

Watching them interact and show off their personalities will be an enjoyable experience for the kids in the house.

There is no need to worry about the issue of bad odors. If you have a well-ventilated, clean and spacious cage, having two guinea pigs will not influence this issue.

Having a playmate can also help maintain the necessary level of physical activity for your pet.

buy a small cage

When we buy a guinea pig in stores, we usually see them when they are very small. So it ‘s very easy to make the mistake of buying a cage based on its size at that time.

If the seller just wants to make money, it won’t stop him from taking a cage that is too small for his pet.

guinea pig in a cage

The fact is, guinea pigs grow a little bigger and need space. It’s not enough to buy a cage where these animals can barely walk a few steps. Whether it’s a cage purchased or made by ourselves, it should be spacious.

In addition, a cage that is too small will cause the animal to give up physical activity and gain weight, not to mention the emotional impact this can have. In the case of male rodents, this space must offer an even greater amplitude.

Mistakes in caring for a guinea pig: using paper as a bed

An important part of the guinea pig’s habitat is its sleeping space. Wood chips can be used, but they must be carefully selected. If the material is made of pine, the animal may inhale components that are not good for its health.

Another bad practice is putting papers with the ability to avoid bad odors. A product that many recommend is woolen beds: easy to wash and very comfortable. Surprisingly, this is the greenest and cheapest option.

Aside from all that has been said, caring for a guinea pig is not a complicated issue. The important thing is to have knowledge, planning, and thinking about the animal in an integral way: obesity will be the biggest enemy that we will have to overcome.

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