5 European Destinations To Travel With Your Dog

In the old continent, there are several cities where pets can enjoy the use of public transport and enter many establishments. They can enjoy the snow or the beach.
5 European destinations to travel with your dog

If you’re organizing your summer vacation and don’t want to leave your pet in someone else’s care… You can take it with you! Of course, to places where they are accepted and treat you well. In this article we will tell you what are the best European destinations to travel with your dog.

What are the European destinations to travel with your dog?

More and more products and services have been aimed at pets – and, of course, their owners – in the European Union. If you are planning your next vacation and want your best friend to be with you, pay attention to the following European destinations to travel with your dog:

  1. Berlin

The German capital is one of the most ‘ petfriendly ‘ in the entire old continent. You can take your dog on public transport without any problems (even if it’s a Great  Dane or a Newfoundland) and there are also many restaurants with pet-friendly facilities and special menus.

In turn,  in Berlin, you will find a large number of parks with exclusive areas for dogs and also shops where you can enter them without restrictions. The only exception is establishments that sell food. And for your dog to get some exercise, take him to the runways of the former airport of Tempoelhof, which closed in 2008.

  1. Zurich

Of course we couldn’t leave out of this list, European destinations to travel with your dog, the Swiss capital. The land of  São Bernardo  and Boiadeiro de Berna accepts pets almost everywhere. It is ideal if you have one of these breeds, because they will be able to enjoy  snow  and mountains.

Otherwise,  you will have the opportunity to walk around Affoltern am Albis , between hills, farms, forests and cultivated fields. And, in the city center, several restaurants, hotels and stores accept your dog, without restrictions.

  1. Paris

The city of love is also one of the dog capitals par excellence. Keep in mind that to go with your pet to Paris, and be accepted into a  hotel  or restaurant, your pet must meet certain size and weight requirements.

But  if you just want to take a walk through its beautiful streets and bridges with your best friend, you can do it  without any problems. And, also, shopping in malls! There they allow the entry of four-legged “customers”.

  1. Malaga

Spain is certainly not one of the best European destinations to travel with your dog and not even one of the most accepting dogs on public roads. Recently, they are allowed on the  metro in Madrid  and Barcelona, ​​​​and in some shops and hotels. However, the case of Malaga is different, as  this sun and beach destination can be ideal to visit with your pet.

European destinations to travel with your dog

On at least 12 beaches you can go with your dog, play in the sand and even take a dip in the sea. Both the subway and the bus accept that animals, of “considerable” size, travel on them. And, in the center of the city, you will find several stores where you will receive your best friend with open arms.

  1. Amsterdam

It is not only the city of bicycles and bridges, but also one of the best European destinations to travel with your dog this summer. The pets here are a member of the family and their entry is allowed in the vast majority of establishments.

For an unforgettable afternoon of play and exercise, we recommend you go to Flevopark. There, there are lakes where your dog can dive and swim freely. He will have a lot of fun! Another option is the Vondelpark, the most famous park in the Dutch capital, as it has exclusive spaces for pets.

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