5 Breeds Of Asian Cats

With really striking features, these felines stand out for their agility and behavior, as well as for being part of the culture of eastern countries.
5 breeds of asian cats

Domestic cats are one of the most beloved pets in the world, although in the East and Asia they have more symbolism. In these regions, they symbolize good luck, prosperity and money. Today, let’s talk about some Asian cat breeds that are highly revered in their countries.

Asian cat breeds

There is no doubt that cats are extraordinary beings and that they amaze us every day with their antics.

In some areas of the planet, they are also revered for their supposed “powers”. Meet some of the Asian cat breeds. The most popular are below:

  1. Siamese

Opening up the list of Asian cat breeds, we have a representative from Thailand, the ancient Kingdom of Siam, to be more precise.

Known for his slender body, his fair coat and blue eyes (pictured that opens this article) he is usually quite ‘talkative’ and meows constantly, especially the females, when they are in heat.

Furthermore, he is known for his great personality and for showing his dissatisfaction with certain situations.

The typical curiosity of all felines is greater in this breed : the Siamese does not leave any place without first inspecting it. He is also very active, like many Asian cats, and affectionate.

  1. Persian

In this case, we moved to present-day Iran, where a truly elegant, sophisticated and majestic cat was bred.

It is considered aristocratic and, due to its beauty, its population quickly expanded from Asia to Europe and America.

Persian cat

The Persian is a medium to large sized cat, with a massive, rounded head, flat face, and bulging eyes.

Its fur is abundant, long and silky; the tail is also hairy and rounded at the tip. It can be in all colors,  although in most cases they are black, brown or white.

  1. Japanese bobtail

We return to the east of the continent to find one of the most curious breeds of Asian cats. Its main quality is having a short tail like a rabbit, which is caused by a recessive gene.

Native to Japan, bobtail is very important to the tradition of this country. Even the famous Maneki-Neko (the lucky cat) is inspired by this breed. It is also the Hello Kitty character!

japanese bobtail cat

Medium in size, with a triangular face and pointed ears, this cat has a silky coat, long or short.

Your body is elongated; like many oriental cats, its nose is long and its eyes are large. It is a very active, curious and playful cat. He can’t stand loneliness.

  1. Angora

This is another breed of Asian cat whose past is quite remote. It comes from the Ankara region of Turkey, and specimens with distinct eyes (of two different colors)  are considered pure and traditional.

Angora cat with heterochromia (eyes with different colors)

The angora can have fur of several colors: white, brown, black, cream, reddish, bluish or mottled. As for its temperament, it is a very mewing cat, active, curious, agile and intelligent.

Also, he is very cute, although he doesn’t like to be held in his arms for too long.

  1. Ceylon

The last of the Asian cats on this list originates from Sri Lanka, in Southeast India. It is  a breed not widespread in the rest of the world. In his native country he is considered a symbol of good luck.

Ceylon cat

It is a small animal, weighing around ten pounds, and its most prominent physical features are its large ears and striped lines on its head and coat.

Regarding his personality, he is very sociable, gets along well with people and other pets, and adapts well to city life.

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