5 Actions That Contribute To The Protection Of Animals And The Planet

The protection of animals and the planet depends on everyone. Without the joint action of governments, citizens and private companies, it is not possible to save the environment.
5 actions that contribute to the protection of animals and the planet

The protection of animals and the planet is on everyone’s lips: the danger is imminent and, unfortunately, the signs that something is wrong are increasingly clear. Many people are already taking action to remedy the alarming situation we find ourselves in as a species.

If you are a person who wants to save the planet, who when seeing a healthy animal has its ancestral happiness mechanisms activated, this is your space. Here are some of the most useful actions to contribute to the conservation of planet Earth.

5 actions that contribute to the protection of animals and the planet

The importance of biodiversity and, with it, the protection of non-human animals, can be approached through empathy and pragmatism. It is not necessary to love animals or nature: just know that breaking the balance of the global ecosystem has negative consequences for everyone.

1. Adopt a vegan lifestyle

Veganism is a lifestyle that rejects any form of animal exploitation, which directly converges with the fight for the conservation of the planet. The central axiom of this philosophy is to fight for the rights of animals by not consuming any product from an animal or its exploitation.

This rejection includes both protecting animals and reducing the environmental impact of companies – such as industrial cattle ranching or mass fishing. There are many sources of information about the consequences of these explorations on the planet. Therefore, the reasons for this choice are self-explanatory.

The protection of animals and the ecosystem is essential for life.

2. Collaborate with organizations that contribute to the protection of animals and the planet

From sanctuaries to conservation centers, any action taken to help these institutions will be welcome and well applied. Many of these organizations do not receive state grants of any kind, but they do very important work.

Usually, this action is associated with making money donations, but nothing further from reality: helping these NGOs with specific tasks, volunteering or disseminating information are also necessary actions. Why not contribute your grain of sand?

3. Consume responsibly

It is not just animal products that are harmful to animals and the planet. The consumption of leisure, travel or simply everyday life, produces waste that has a measurable impact on the environment. Here are some actions you can take to reduce your individual footprint:

  • Minimize the use of plastics and disposable materials as much as possible: bags, packaging and other waste that normally end up in the stomach of an animal or contaminate the earth, in many cases, are not necessary.
  • Recycle: not just waste, but useful objects such as clothes, shoes or household items.
  • Select your sources: As far as your financial life allows, always choose suppliers that respect the environment and animals.
  • Find out about the best ways to do all of this: advertising is often misleading when it comes to appealing to your sense of responsibility, and it’s best to consult independent organizations.

4. Respect nature in person

In times of curfews and isolation, nature walks are increasingly popular. However, tourism in different natural environments also impacts the environment. Whenever you step into a green place, look around: you are the visitor. Leave everything as it was, as it is the home of all beings that live there.

5. Denounce attacks against the protection of animals and the planet

Maintaining a critical attitude is important: it is not just ordinary people who commit harmful acts against the planet. An essential part of correcting injustices is pointing them out and denouncing them.

Although the solution is often not in the hands of a single person, throughout history it has been shown that unity is strength. If you witness any act of ill-treatment against animals or the environment, report it and participate in the process. This is how large-scale changes begin.

An example of global warming.

There is a general perception that changing things is impossible at the individual level or that certain organisms are impossible to bring down. However, not everything works as in the movies: change is possible, but struggle is necessary. While you may not be able to contemplate the consequences of your actions at times, never doubt that you can change things.

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