4 Tips To Make Your Rabbit Live Longer

Rabbits are small mammals that like to play, jump and run, and they are very cute pets that tend to get along well with the other animals in the house. Therefore, one of your tutors’ wishes is to try to make them live as long as possible.
4 tips for your rabbit to live longer

The common rabbit, also known as the European rabbit, is a mammal belonging to the Leporidae family . It is one of the most popular pets today, so there may be questions about how to raise it. Today we will give you 4 tips for your rabbit to live longer.

the common rabbit

The common rabbit belongs to the species Oryctolagus cuniculus and is currently the only member of this genus. The domestication of the rabbit is more recent than that of the dog or cat.

Records obtained in southern France date the domestication of the common rabbit 1400 years ago. At that time, the common rabbit was found in southern France and the Iberian Peninsula. It seems that its domestication was supported by the Church, which considered it a suitable animal to be consumed during the Lenten period.

The CSIC (Conselho Superior de Pesquisas Científicas, a Spanish state agency) carried out a study in 2014 which shows the process of domestication of rabbits. Differences between the genome of the domestic rabbit and that of the wild rabbit were evaluated. The conclusion they reached was the following: “The difference was not in the genes, but in the activation process and in the dose of proteins that the genes encode in each different cell”.

Tips for the rabbit to live longer

Raising a rabbit can be considered a challenge if you don’t have prior knowledge. Therefore, it  is necessary to be well informed and clarify any doubts that may arise with a specialist. However, below are a series of tips that can be followed to make the rabbit live longer.


Rabbits need to exercise every day. They are very playful animals that love to jump, run and play. You can create obstacles or paths that the rabbit must go through to have fun during the exercise.

It is advisable to have a fence that delimits an area of ​​the yard, if available. In this case, it is also necessary to leave a shady space and check that there are no poisonous plants.

If this is not possible, a room or area inside the house can be created for the rabbit. That way, he can have a corner where he can play and run. One suggestion is to offer cozy corners and hiding places for the animal to explore.

Adequate food for the rabbit to live longer

Rabbits are herbivores, so they only eat plant material. Due to the high fiber content they consume with food, they have a large intestine with a highly developed cecum. In the cecum, food is fermented and all nutrients not taken up by the small intestine are absorbed.

Adequate food for the rabbit to live longer

Rabbits are strict herbivores, so their diet is low in energy but high in fiber. Thus, the main components of your food will be:

  • Hay. It is a key component that provides fiber, so it must always be available.
  • Vegetables, leaves, grass. These components must be supplied gradually and can never be the main food.
  • Ration. Puppies can eat unrestricted feed for up to six months. Adults, on the contrary, need rationing.
  • Carbohydrate. Items such as bread, sweets, fruits are included in this section… The restriction of carbohydrates should be maximum, as they can cause problems such as obesity, among others.

temperature changes

During the change of seasons, it is possible to observe that the rabbits lose hair. This process is called ‘muting’. Seedling is beneficial because it allows them to adapt to weather conditions.

It is advisable to help the rabbit in the molting process. It should be brushed frequently to get rid of excess hair. So, it is recommended to brush it two to three times a day.

If there is a hairless area on the skin, but the shade is pink and has down, don’t be alarmed. The fur simply fell out faster in that area. However, if the rabbit itch, if there are multiple hairless areas, and if you notice sores or skin irritations, you will need to take him to the vet.

On the other hand, it is advisable to prevent rabbits from being exposed to sudden changes in temperature. For example, if you are in the yard and it starts to rain, gently dry it with a towel. Afterwards, leave it in its box, surrounded by hay to finish drying.

temperature changes

Other factors

Different studies have shown that stress negatively affects animals and can decrease their life expectancy. Therefore, it is recommended that pets – in this case rabbits – are not subjected to situations that can stress them. If this cannot be avoided, it will be necessary to try to make the situation as calm as possible, so that the animal does not fear or feel in danger.

Conclusion for the rabbit to live longer

It is important to mention that each rabbit breed has its peculiarities, so it is convenient to take into account the needs of each one. Rabbits are cute pets that don’t require much care. Despite this, we must consider some simple steps that we must follow to try to make the rabbit live longer.

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