4 Tips To Follow If A Dog Attacks You

The coolness in these situations can make a difference when it comes to getting out unharmed before a dog’s attack. Therefore, you have to stay calm and avoid sudden movements.
4 tips to follow if a dog attacks you

If you want to know what to do if a dog attacks you, in this article we will give you some advice, first to avoid the situation and then to act if you are surprised by a dangerous or aggressive animal.

What to do if a dog attacks you

Thousands of people are attacked or  bitten  by dogs every year, and in many cases, it is not the animal’s responsibility. 

Of course, because if he has an owner, it will be the one who didn’t take care of him or teach him, and if he’s on the street, it could be because the victim didn’t know how to act.

To avoid this situation, we’ll give you some tips to follow if a dog attacks you:

  1. keep calm and don’t run

They say that “dogs can  smell fear ” and, when that happens, they are more likely to attack. The truth is, animals can identify our body language and act accordingly.

If you run, yell, or make sudden movements, the dog is likely to be afraid and therefore it will try to attack you.

Therefore, we recommend that you breathe slowly, think of something good, and be quiet.

When the animal approaches, stand rigid, with your hands in your pockets or clasped in front of your chest.

Become a ‘tree’ or something inanimate so the dog loses interest in you. Even if he gets too close and sniffs at you, try not to move.

aggressive dog

Keep it in their peripheral vision, but don’t look directly into their eyes as this is a clear sign of threat to them.

Many people make the mistake of running and this is worse because the dog goes after its prey. 

Plus, he’s likely to be faster than you, and even if you’re on a bike ,  he can catch you.

  1. give you an order

It doesn’t matter if it’s your dog, a neighbor’s, or a stray animal. Everyone understands what a loud, resounding “no” means.

Your voice should sound authoritative and confident. Firmness is essential because, in most cases, it is through it that he will realize whether he should run away or stay calm.

Avoid yelling or talking to him too quickly, as this will only confuse him and increase his nervousness. Remember that if you show calmness, he will be calm too.

  1. distract him

If you have some food in your bag or hand, you can toss it so he can pick it up and you’ll have time to escape. 

In case it is not the first time that a dog attacks you, because, for example, you must pass by the same place where there is an aggressive dog, have something available that can catch your attention.

You can bring snacks, treats, cookies or even a toy ball. This way you will distract him as he continues on his way.

Likewise, we recommend that you don’t execute or make sudden moves that might be even more impressive than the object you offered.

girl defending herself from aggressive dog

  1. put yourself in a fetal position

If you are unable to escape the animal, or during your escape attempt you fall to the ground, a good technique is to adopt the fetal position, in which you will protect your vital organs.

The dog will do its best to bite you in the throat, as this is a ‘deadly’ area and the one it bites first when facing an enemy of its size.

Also, try to cover your face, head and chest with your arms and hands. Pull up your knees and protect your stomach.

Hold this position for a few minutes,  let the dog smell you and move closer to you. However, for nothing in the world take advantage of proximity to hit him, as this will increase your level of aggression.

If, even with all these techniques, you can’t stop the dog from attacking you, the next step is to treat the wounds he caused you.

Depending on the severity, you can cure them at home or go to the doctor. If you do not know the animal, it is essential to go to the emergency room to receive the necessary vaccines, especially against rabies.

And if you know who the owner is, talk to him to let him know what happened and ask him to stop your pet from biting or attacking other people.

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