4 Methods Of Herding Training

4 methods of herding training

Herding training is recommended for all dogs that have a special predisposition for this work.

There are many breeds that are naturally easy to train. Their nature helps them to be obedient and maintain optimal discipline for many tasks, such as shepherding.

The Border Collie is a dog that was born to herd. No matter what environment you live in or who you have around you, he will always be herding, watching, and caring.

This job is more complicated than it sounds, so if you want your Border Collie to be an excellent shepherd, you must find a professional trainer  who knows how to teach him correctly.

Although many choose to do this alone, it is not an easy task, and you will need the help of a professional to help you control yourself and your dog’s actions. Doing this in the right facilities is, without a doubt, essential to the success of this job.

Types of Herding Training for Border Collie

There are several types of herding training for Border Collies. Here we talk about them:

obedience training

The first thing you should ensure is that your Border Collie responds to your commands. Simple things like an order to come, pick up, drop or sit down are paramount before starting any herding training.

You should be able to walk calmly holding the leash and without the dog leaving the designated place and not even escaping in the first change. If you haven’t achieved all of this with your dog, you should wait before starting herding training.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t done it yet, it won’t be too complicated, because the Border Collie is one of the smartest dogs, so teaching these commands will be a simpler task than you might think.

dog herding sheep

voice training

Once your dog has gone through obedience training, it’s time to start with basic herding training, in this case voice training.

If you want your dog to move quickly, you need a high, fast tone. If you want to lower the speed, you must lower the pitch when giving the command.

To correct this, you should use a high-pitched tone and if you want to attract attention, talk to him in a whisper. Use short, precise words so the animal understands what you need from him at all times.

movement training

Although Border Collies have herding as something instinctive, when doing this work the dog will look for you with its eyes waiting for your orders. It has been shown in several studies that shepherds and dogs communicate through looks and gestures rather than words.

You can teach your dog various gestures, such as looking at him and looking away to show you are disappointed.

dog giving the paw

If you find you’ve lost the dog’s attention, raise your hands and, with them raised, go back. The dog will understand that he did something wrong and that he needs your forgiveness and a new opportunity.

the herding

When your dog has mastered the previous three points, he is ready to herd. You can count on him to herd, take away or lock up cattle.

A job that doesn’t seem to be deeply rooted in the times we live in, but wherever it’s still done, there’s no better dog than the Border Collie for it. They carry it in their blood, in their instinct; it is part of them and their essence.

With these steps, training the Border Collie for herding tasks will be much easier than you might think.

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